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Dec 20, 2012 6:00pm PST
alien, and that we've been observed by aliens for-for centuries, and steve stumbles upon their complex, when he and osco are in the mountains. - i love how lindsay wagner, as the bionic woman, overtakes the entire animal kingdom. from sharks to big foot. you know, is big foot an animal? is this big foot? - so then, he hallucinates that she's somebody else. we have a hallucinating sasquatch. that was delicious back then, wasn't it? - sasquatch, trust me, please. - for jaime sommers, big foot had nothin' on fembots. - ah! - when you really think about it, it seems a little bit over the top for jaime to have that crazy reaction. i mean, she screams that blood-curdling scream. - ah! - it's like, "jaime, "is it that far-fetched that this woman might be a robot? "you are half robot." - coming in at number five-- rules to live by. you can learn a lot from tv. usually when you weren't meant to. - i love the rules to live by, in "magnum p.i," because it's like, he leaves the navy, he's 33, and he knows that he's never been 23. so, the secret to life is, like, you gotta have fun. you got
Nov 30, 2012 6:00pm PST
a lot of sleep because this storm is pretty bad. heavy rain and wind brought people like steve sergeant to the hardware store in mill valley today. >> it's scary because we're way up on the hillside. there's been floods and slides. it gets pretty bad. >> reporter: bad is how it started out for commuters at the bay bridge toll plaza. a power outage threw the will bridge into darkness for two hours. there were no metering lights for commuters and it was a rough ride on the richmond san rafael bridge. the north bay got the brunt of the storm. this is it what it looked like on highway 1 near valley ford. cars had nowhere to go but into flooding water. people in marin county are used to the heavy rain and wind when it comes, but they're not used to closing schools because of a lack of power. students who attend wade thomas elementary got to stay home today because of a power outage. >> it was two te'is in a row so it's been pretty disruptive. i think it's the same pole so no one will admit it, but whatever they doing up here on this pole reconnecting wires once again. >> reporter: c
Dec 19, 2012 6:00pm PST
involved in agriculture. in napa valley you won't find many growers like steve sando. unfortunately napa real estate is for people that want grapes. and there really isn't room for a whole lot else. steve's the owner of "rancho gordo," a bean company that, in an unusual twist, makes its home in wine country. i actually moved to napa because its such a beautiful place, i love the people. not because of the wine. land's expensive in napa, so steve grows most of his beans an hour away on cheaper ground... but this small plot's his napa valley test garden. these are blue speckled tepary beans. a lot of people think that beans need to be dried on a rack or in some sort of modern facility, but in fact you just cut the water and let the plants die. and then what happens is the beans inside get a crackly pod, and inside you get these beautiful beans that are sort of nature's way of saying 'save me'! steve has, in fact, helped preserve rare beans. they're heirloom beans -- old varietals he finds on frequent trips to mexico. most people when they go on vacation they go to mexico and they go t
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)